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Created on 01-13-2020



Finally we are getting a few of these old photos with some detail – Recently the Getty has opened up some new archives`




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Spokane police are continuing a campaign against illegal operation of pinball machines. Two arrests were made and three machines. Two arrests were made and three machines confiscated last night. Inspector Robert B. Piper (foreground) and detectives Howard D. Pratt and Francis J. Peck, conducted the raids, during which the machines were taken. Photo measures 9.75 x 7.25 inches. Photo is dated 10-15-1958.


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Being from the Pacific Northwest, I kind of like this one – Lots of crime up this way associated with the Bingos`


Lots of great history to dig out and share`












For a small fee, you can get these without the watermarks – Nice`

























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