Bingo Pinballs

Created on 12-21-2017


This one is kind of cheating, but I like this group of photos`

This shows how the backbox fits almost perfectly below the lower cabinet`




Just a great way to break the games down for storage`




Notice that “wrap-around’ decal, another paint job that is a vinyl`




There is also room on top of the backbox down there to set extra delicates, like this new-old backglass`


Overall just a great way to treat everything, while waiting to restore you game`




27 Feb 2017, 10:24 #1

Due to an imminent house move I’ve decided to let my Bingos go to new home. I have a Cypress Gardens and a County Fair. The Cypress gardens is in fair condition. I’m rubbish at painting so the outside is cut vinyl, it looks OK but Coos now has stencils so it would be better painted. Its fully functional except the magic squares gearbox has the first gear damaged, I’ll rebuild that this week and it should be fine.The County Fair is an incomplete project, The base and playfield are all done except a missing shutter motor-gearbox. The head has only had a basic clean and needs a full restore, I do have a spare head but it is in poor shape. Buyer collects form east Kent, with a van. £500