Bingo Pinballs

Created on 01-09-2016


_ Well, this Crisa Mini Money made me start to collect a few things for the Hunters _


 As I have been saying (and slow to grasping) is that some Countries do not refer to the machines as Bingos, they call them Slot Machines!


Spain just might lead the list of places this is true!


Which makes it a little tough to peg the games, when the pictures are really really small, laugh!


Although said, I can say that this is a Bingo that no one in our group has seen til now Hmmm!



_ I have been out on Posot several times this year _ I am starting to believe this is a Hunting Ground _










_ connections _


Another reference to bingos as "French Slots"


In France the Bingos are called Slots!