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Bingo Pinballs

Created 07-17-2019




Flipperless / Bingo machines

There are some very early pinball machines that did not have flippers, pre-WWII vintage. These are a niche collectors item and are generally better for looking at than playing.


Bingo Machines:

I get offered these "pinball machines" fairly often. They are generally called "bingo" machines because of the bingo card in the backglass/scoring area. The playfield area will have a bunch of holes that will trap the ball as it rolls down.

If you are not old enough to be collecting social security you will probably never have played one of these machines or even have a clue how to play one, I sure don't. I am told that it had a lot to with bumping the machine to control the balls travel. I have owned a few of these, they have never worked and are a nightmare of mechanical contacts and parts.

What I have been told is these are essentially a gambling machine with some skill involved. If you "win" a game you will earn so many credits which the game keeps track of. When these games were being played an operator was around who would clear the credits out that you had won and give you money. This keep the machine from having any "evil" payout feature on the machine.


The only plus of "bingo" machines is that they are generally very cheap to buy, so if you think you have an interest you can get one cheap. The prices seem to largely depend on the features of the machine. The one I have pictured above is a very simple machine. Many bingo machines have very sophisticated scoring systems and features the will make the machine more desirable to collectors.














I think we have seen this specific Bingo and playfield before`


Nice to finally have a couple of large photos` this playfield is maybe one of Bally’s best,