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I love to hear from Dan and he totally Nails it here on his Miss America Deluxe!


Here is a note he sent to Gary and myself!


Hello it's John D from TN alias Dan. Well I got my second Bally bingo machine into my house. It's a Miss America Deluxe just like the ones I played back in the day. It's a thrill that would not have believed possible a few years ago. Got a new serial # for you.. It's  MAD 2584 -  made on 4-18-79.....Check out the beautiful hit I scored my first night owning this machine. 5 in a row (Yellow) without any extra balls !!!! Super Sweet                                                 


Talk to you later







Great Hit Dan,


Thxs for the email and for the serial number Brother!


Your 2nd Bingo _ Cool _ Have Fun!


























 Created on 09-27-2016