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Created on 02-07-2018


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reflex adjust plug - lido, ggate, ssails



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the design of the reflex and mixer 1 circuit changed during the bikini production run.

below is a picture of the reflex adjust plug on can-can and the corresponding schematic chunk. They don't match. Can-can is wired like shown on the post change bikini schem, the can-can (and lido, ggate, ssails) schematics show an unconnected socket location in the middle of the wired ones.

who cares? probably just the simulator guys. Due to the trip bank location and the width of the plug, I can't tell from pictures I have how the sockets are wired on lido, ggate and ssails. Anyone with those game want to take a look and see if the socket is like can-can or like the schematic?










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My Lido had the reflex unit completely removed from it -- no unit, no plug, wires cut, etc. I put in a new reflex unit; but for sake of ease, I didn't put in the adjustment plug -- I just hardwired it up to its most liberal setting.

That being said, I have another Lido coming and can take photos at that time. May be a few weeks, so perhaps someone else can be of assistance in the interim.

















Looks like you can adjust the Reflex on the Magic Screen games – Good to know`