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Bally's 1955 Miami Beach

Well the Bingo Flyers are out on the web in force for your viewing pleasure, and really I do not have anything special to offer other then this partial flyer photo above.

I believe I stole this picture from eBay and unfortunately it's all they had, so I guess beggars can't be choosers applies. It's a seldom seen 2nd-page of the Miami Flyer.

Phil Hooper's site and his "Paper Archive" is loaded with some wonderful quallity images, Ralph Lankar site "Magic Circus" has some nice flyers, and then the next best bet is the "Ugly Flyer" site that you can access through my Links Pages.

Be sure to check out the United flyers, in relationship to the Bally's and others, the machine images show some great detail.

Although I don't have much to share: I wanted to recommend to anyone whom really wants to understand these games, the companies, and their heritage - to go ahead and spend some time with these flyers. There is some fasninating history here, trivia, and detail shared.


I hope these tantalize you...............................

My favorite on the right, is from Bally's 1955 Bright Spot showing how the "Back-Box" (I guess we now know what the upper cabinet is called) folded down.


In my efforts to capture the history of these games:

I wanted to put together this list of Distributors below, all taken off various flyers:


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