Bingo Pinballs

Created on 11-15-2015 – Last update 05-22-2020



This page is long overdue: Italy is rich in pinball and bingo pinball History!


Not too long ago I started gathering-up all of the webpages I have made for Italy and Wow`

I was very pleasantly reminded of the long-and-deep relationship they have with the games – Nice`

I am very happy here to finally commit a Section devoted these good Friends-of-the-Bingos`


Italy - Jungle Queen

Hunting - Italy

 Fabio shares his Bingos _ Italy

Italy - Distributor "Coin op Trading s.r.l"

Bingos in Europe _ Italy

Italy - Some Gambling-Law History 2007

 Kakiparis _ Splin Export _ Italy


kijiji 2015


…from my archives, a machine “for sale” in Italy in 2015`


Italy - Eurostar Provence Golf Azur

 Italy - Eurostar Super Golf Azur 3000

  Italy – Eurostar Super Flipper De Lux

Italy - Eurostar Continental One Ball



…from my archives, a machine “for sale” in Italy in 2018`





Italy - Land & C - Miss America - 1978