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Canada's Bingo History


 Canada's Bingo History seems to parallel the U.S.

North America _ Canada - I

North America _ Canada - II

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Well, this year finds me sharing Bingo files (my hobby) for some 15 years now and this year is no less special than any other _ Most of the time I hunt this stuff down myself, but every now-and-then someone steps up and shares just as much as I do and Jean has done so this year – 2015!!


Thank you JF,


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You Sir, are as close to the action as anyone, being our next-door-neighbor (smile) and all…


…and I very much appreciate all the time you take to send things in


In the Grand-Tradition,


 The Internet is about open-doors and sharing!



Ottawa 2015 Pinball Show



Maaca - JF shares the 2015 Ottawa Pinball Show

Macca a Canadian forum - "Canadian Laws"

Maaca - The Canadian-Mounties - Grrrr!

Maaca - JF points us to  "Is it Heavy" - Smile!

Maaca - JF points us to "Antique Days" - UBs!i

maaca (Canada) _ Wanted Bingo Pinball




So who Are the Collectors _ “all of us smile, or you wouldn’t be here right now!”



J.F. kindly shares a few photos of his Bingos!!



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JF's Sea Island Repair










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