Bingo Pinballs

Created on 01-02-2020


Good day`and welcome to the Community of Bingo Pinballs`


I am glad you are here and I hope you enjoy these webpages`


As I have followed the machines all of these years, I have tried to collect and post things that fill in a few of the gaps

I was seeing out here on the machines – So if it’s not anywhere else, there is a good chance it is here somewhere – Smile`


The community I speak of above is a chance for us to all share something: In this case, a passion and history with both a past and a future`


If you would like to take over this venture, please let me know – I will gladly had you the keys and a catalog that dwarfs the detail already shared`


Welcome, I hope you enjoy the games`


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I am kind of excited, I have a feeling it’s going to be a good year - 2020`


Mike has a busy website posted on facebook for his father “Bingo Butch” and many of the visitors are well known names`


Look at my forums pages, there are others – I see many of the guys follow Pinside - Yesterday I even saw a few posts from Phil out there`


TapTalk has a world-wide following – Community my friends`


Please feel free to email me – It would be great to hear from you`


Best regards, Danny`

































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