Bingo Pinballs

Created on 11-25-2017


Now this photo is very interesting`




On that Blue Chip this guy has shot (3) balls and only needs the 14 to hit a 4-in-Line on the Super Line – What

each of us would kill for, laugh – Interesting enough, when he selected the Center Spot, it lights up each card

too – Center Spot or not… Which on the 6-Card games is a really Cool effect…


So he quits that game (mid-way) and heads over to the Pixies (one sweet Bingo) where he has all (3) Extra Balls

enabled, which means he has (2) balls waiting to be shot, laugh – And he is looking at 4-in-Line and a 5-in-Line`

The 14 or the 12, the 12 which anyone can hit – This guy is starring at 300 nickels easy…in 55`that is Bank`


OK so he turns on the Circus Queen, no nickels yet, just powers Her up – and look at that Bingo (1960) and in perfect shape! But what?

Those aren’t the original Score Cards – In fact, that isn’t the original handrail, laugh, Someone has striped this thing.

The Red Letter game has been removed, and what else – Why did they eliminate the replay button instruction – Hmmm!



I’d keep the 55`smile and dump the others,


Except, the Queen is pretty Cool – So, I guess I’d go ahead and keep em all,