Bingo Pinballs

Created on 01-19-2020



Likely I won’t update this page, other than maintaining my site, I really am not a Internet user and I don’t use my cellphone much`


Anyway, I am not too sure I understand a lot of this social media stuff – like this here Pinterest`


People posting a bunch of small pictures that for the most part, have no origin nor credit listed with them – Kind of dumb`


 Anyway, I end up out there now-and-them trying to find new stuff`


john pinterest.png


…and I have seen posts from this man before and this guy is Cool`


John follows the Bingos, follows several sources, and credits everything – Thank you John`




Now I have also seen a few posts from this guy out here before - Ones that are original, things I have not seen before`


credit nice.png


Very Cool`




Now the folks at Pinterest are evil and somehow connected with facebook, and eventually they will track you down and add you

without permission`OK, no big deal, I take a lot of liberty out here on the Internet myself – So now if I touch on Pinterest, they

know my name and recommend shit` laugh… Cool, I guess - they pointed me here`


Image 12.png


Image 13.png


c6cff5385b910eeaef9260ce2e2adbe5.jpg e7096c2945cb53f697a3de73ffed3d54.jpg






Well Bernard and John both Rock`so based upon having a few good folks out there - I’ll say that Pinterest might be ok…




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(I see I did not keep it updated either)



















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