Bingo Pinballs 

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Well for many of us and perhaps all of us, the Bingos have always been a bit unique in the History of Pinballs`


It always makes me smile when I hear the younger-generations question even if these are pinballs, laugh – Well, let me lay that falsehood to rest: Yes in fact, these are some of the original “Pin Balls” and maybe the last machines made that tie to that definition and legacy. Even better, although small in total numbers built, these “pins” definitely hold a special niche`in the coin-op industry.


Pin Ball


Wow, I love to look at the word written like that, a phrase from the States that dates back to “pre-war” times, back into the 30s`


A gravity-feed inclined-plane hosting a bed-of-nails purposely designed to Tantalize - To get your Penny`




Flippers “what” Yeah`whatever!


Skill Pins`one of the many monikers assigned to the Bingos and even argued in the Highest Courts – A “legal title” ruled on in 1957 and therefore passed down and locked in for Life – This is 2018 and “all across the States” in many areas these machines are still Taboo, persona-non-grata…


Hence the Legacy`


What “Aren’t these things Illegal”


Mystery, Allure, Intrigue, Challenge, Lay Your Money Down, Step Up – What “going home already, what you some kind of Pussy”


In every bar, tavern, pub, club, and hall you walked into…


Sat a Bingo`


1953 extending well past 65`


Showboat, Cabana, Stardust…… You could not escape it and you do not want to`


A multi-billion dollar industry, built a “nickel” at a time`


Go back and look at the games – Idiot`


Pin Ball


Nothing fancy,


“grab an old piece of wood, hammer some nails into it, hey grab a few of those aircraft bearings – this is going to be Cool”


Pin Ball


Really` how Dumb,


Well go ahead a count em`just how many “pins” are on those fields of 20-holes, 25-holes…


Yeah, kids today`


The younger folks here in the States swear that “Flippers” are real pinballs, laugh..


Well I have loved and played them too, but I cannot think of one that has any “pins”


Pin Ball


So where am I going with this whole thing, what is the point of this article`


Smile, well that is pretty simple`


The Legacy`


The next generation`


Nick _ Mike`


others, so many of you`


My Heroes`


…man check out that field, naturally reach into my blue jeans for another coin, no honey I will be home soon…


Look at my introductory page`


What`written in 2002…?


“these pins have a wonderful place in America’s History”


Yeah, well let me correct that right now!


“these Pin Balls have a wonderful place in History, exist today, and have Literally touch the World”


And now a New Generation is carrying them Forward`








































































































Created on 01-05-2018