Created on 02-26-2021


On a great number of the Belgium 6-card Bingos they have Playfield Scoring


That is right`…when enabled 3-in-Line, 4-in-Line, and 5-in-Line combinations down on the playfield payout`


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I never really paid attention to this feature until I saw this players Score Card on this Euro Continental Star


…now check out check out the scoring for the 12th-Coin


Up on the cards 3-in-Line pays out 4 across the board, but down on the playfield jumps to 10


Except 23-24-25


4-in-Line and 5-in-Line playout somewhere between 4th and 5th card Odds


Except the 14-15-16-17-18


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You want the Exceptions`…you need to play the 13th-Coin


Now this Playfield Scoring is a pretty Cool feature`…think about that Top Row


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…I totally get this`