Bingo Pinballs

Created on 06-25-2017


Well, be careful when your woman gets pissed off!


Years-and-years ago, Christ going back to the early 90s maybe!


My wife wrote to me while I was in Hong Kong (Kowloon) and announced in an email “that she took my savings”

and went and got a divorce, laugh – Told me that “I didn’t live there any more” and that all of my stuff was in a box

on the front porch – She wasn’t kidding either, smile!


She dispatched my two old 1955`and 1956` Chevy and GMC trucks – My Bingos – etc,


Rachel, she went by the handle Ricki - a Very smart and Very tough Lady!


So, every now-and-then I have wondered what happed to the Bingos?


Today I spotted em, in Sacramento California 2017:


Still together, laugh!



I painted those Peace Signs on the Big Time myself, smile!


That is my Pachinko Machine too,


I take it that her current boyfriend has finally moved on too……









Well as they say here in the States `Life goes on`