Bingo Pinballs

Created on 01-11-2020


I do not like Facebook, but I like this forum and visit often, usually on the weekends for sure`


There is a great group of folks here, they follow the Bingos, and they are active. If you post something, generally within

minutes someone is reacting, either with one of those smile things, or a true post – It looks like it’s about a 70/30% spilt`


…and if you ask someone something directly, they do respond, hell even I usually do, laugh`


facebook forum bingo butch.jpg


This forum is ran by Butch’s son Mike William Glauda and he is a very nice man that also posts here. Posts both

video and pictures, which is great because he is usually shopping for bingos for their collection, which is impressive`


One of the nice things about this site, the guys post video quite a bit`


All kinds of interests here too: Antique, historical, fixing them, playing them, stuff on the United Bingos - etc.


Guys from all over the States and fans from Europe too. There are a few guys on here that owned/ran routes

and some that worked in bingo sales and distribution – Some of the comments and knowledge shared is impressive`


It’s pretty Cool, no matter what you post, these guys eat it up like candy`


Hell, I like to post old crappy photos and whatnot too, these guys love that stuff`





If you’re bored just post something, anything, and within minutes you will see activity, kind of Cool`


I don’t know how Facebook does it, but word quickly gets out to the members that someone is posting and folks start showing up – Smile`














_  Please join us, it’s a great group of people with interest in the Bingo Pinballs _