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I was talking to Mike this weekend (outta Pottsville, Pennsylvania) and the Uniteds came up`


As we discussed this-and-that, we talked a bit about his dad’s pins and their current goal of putting together

two collections of the machines ~ A full set of Bally Games which they already have and a full set of United Bingos`


 As we talked, Mike mentioned how rare the Showboats are. Mentioned that other than the game in my archives,

Mike has never seen one - Wow` Now that is pretty huge coming from Mike, he literally grew up around these machines`


They have a backbox and backglass, but in 40 years they have never seen a machine!


If you follow these pages, you have seen me talk about "how a good many" of the Uniteds went to California and I wonder if that

is why they are kind of scarce in many parts of the Country _ This book snippet below, helps reinforce that belief.

Image 1 (2)




…the Bingos`