Bingo Pinballs

Created on 01-02-2016 _ last update 01-16-2020



Well it looks like we got lucky in 2016 when I found this picture set below, nice quality and basically all the detail`


Bingo Pinball = Bingo Continental Euro One Ball


I just love that game name, smile, probably the most grandiose of all Bingos – Very Cool`


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Well Euro is the next game in a series and here they changed up those two center games – Too bad we can’t make out any of the words,

laugh, well not in any of my photos anyway – They look like great features`


We’ll just have to wait to find out more about the Special Games, sorry!



…ok, in 2020` I found this photo set`




Cool` some better detail`


Those two center features read - “Press Red” _ “Press Yellow”


The Magic Number has (3) expansions


…and those blue features on the far right are both Playfield Scores










Actual Size`




…ok, those two center features say “Press Red to Select Game” _ “Press Yellow to Select Game”


That Star 2000 feature reads “In Card Selected”




I have a feeling this is a “kick-ass” set of features on this Bingo Pinball`












Stay Tuned`



























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