Bingo Pinballs

Created on 11-13-2015 _ Last Update 02-13-2016


 Well 50 years ago, no matter where you were, if you owned a bar you likely were exposed to the explosion of coin machines hitting the industry. Times were changing, the counter-size games were slowly becoming a thing of the past and along with jukeboxes and many other full-size machines, full-size pinballs were finding their way into the clubs, taverns, lounges, and bars!


One man having such an experience was Bingo Butch out of Pottsville, Pennsylvania!!


…and now, years after embracing moment, Butch is in a position to leave a legacy that is unparalleled and that can last for all time…


~ Imagine every United and Bally Bingo “shopped to perfection” sitting together in one location!! ~


I just talked to his son Mike and he is working on that very thing _ Starting with the Uniteds:




_ There’s 10 _







_ and now he is working on bringing in a Showbaot and the other missing games! _


_ So stay tuned _




Mike’s phone pictures Suck, but I still love what he has shared, including a few Cabanas I asked for!





Yes, I said every Bally and United, including Hole-in-One!



Rodeo will be a Challenge, but we discussed there being two machines and Mike wasn’t the least bit put-off, laugh


Ya gotta love that _ Determination!








Butch and Mike are not only Collectors, Father-and-Son, but both know how to work on the games and shop them out _ Sweet!!










~ This is something Special ~


_ keep your eyes open _













“as i promised”



,,,, something special ,,,,



















_ sweet in every detail _