Created on 05-30-2015


I love finding little things like this, at first they don’t always look like much, but they always seem to lead to More!!



Now the first thing that caught my eye, was the “Best Buy” appeal this Baby has: $1.00 _ Awesome!


Next was the specific reference to “1973” _ How did the seller know!!


Is there a sticker on this playfield, is it labeled with the patents, or does the seller have a history with these machines?


Anyhoo, when I have a question, I always turn to Phil’s pages and I am always reminded just how much he knows, laugh!


Check out this list of schematics from The Bingo King!


 - game 1 - 300 dpi
 - game 2 - 300 dpi
 - game swedish - 300 dpi


“Game Swedish” _ How Cool _ You know there has to be some wonderful history there!!









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