Beauty Queen


I am selling my 2 woodrails.  Here is a 1960 Bally Beauty contest.  It is basically a bingo game that has pinball features.  When these machines were placed on location, you could win money with them.  I was never old enough to play when I was growing up because you had to be 18 at that time.  It is in excellent condition.  The cabinet, playfield, plastics  and backglass are all in great to excellent condition.  The machine works 100%.  There are no surprises here.

Basically, there are 11 girls on the backglass.  You light up the girls by hitting the bumpers or by landing in the gobble hole near the middle of the playfield which will light up multiple girls.  The more girls you light up the more "money", I mean, games you won.  The cool feature of this game is the slingshots at the bottom of the game.  They act like today's flippers.  They sling the ball back into play.  So a little nudge here and there will send the ball where you are trying to send it.

The whole machine is in excellent condition and if you are in the Richmond area, you are more than welcome to view and play it. Free 30 mile local delivery. I will gladly shrink wrap the machine if the buyer makes all of the shipping arrangements.  NAVL is a very good transporter.  Thanks!!