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Created on 04-05-2020



Rich Grant was having fun playing his Bally Beach Club`


Rich Grant - I fired up my 1953 Bally Beach Club last night. It hasn’t been on in over 10 years. I was surprised to get all the features lit with the highest odds for 20 nickels. Now the hard part getting 3,4 or 5 numbers in a line. Lady luck was on my side . I hit 3 in a row on 5 balls and won 64 games. It paid correctly at 64 and made a few more clicks. Then all of sudden it started paying out more. I didn’t realize I had 3 in a line on one of the Super Card which pays as 4 in a line for a total 200 free games. 10.00 dollars in 1953 was a lot of money!


rich grant FB BB 2020.jpg


Comments Smile, nice game Rich - Thanks for the pictures and memories - Reminds me of playing my Big Time, my first Bingo`


Dave Luttinen - How fun! You made me smile, too. Thanks!


Rich Grant - Beach Club was my first game. I got it for free when I was 12. I didn’t work and I traded it for my first pinball(Williams Mardi Gras) to a bingo operator. 8 Years later I found this Beach Club and everything worked. I’ve had a lot of Bingos over the years but I always kept this one because it was my first.


Danny Leach Sweet, I like that`



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