Created on 04-20-2020


Well, we got lucky a few years ago when Mike and Andrew started writing in from Australia and sharing with us. Especially

when they turned us onto the Baseball Games, which are Bingo Pinballs customized with baseball-themes to help hide

them from law enforcement. Yes, it seems that at one time the Bingos were illegal there too. So just like us here in

America, they start to disguise the games and picked a really Cool way to do it – I think is unique to Australia`


Well naturally I have followed this since, looking for other history, and September last I spotted these games`


Atlas Computer gaming backglass   Bally NightClub gaming glass


bally sun valley gaming perpsex   beach time converted to baseball gaming perpsex


beachtime gaming backglass   Cypress Gardens gaming backglass


Didis fun machine game perspex   key west gaming perpsex #2


satellite gaming backglass   star rocket gaming backglass


Touchdown changed to baseball Gaming glass   showtime gaming backglass


Well I tried to get us some larger pictures, but the website would not let me and today Andrew sold me, he tried to

buy these at one time, but that “someone had cleaned out their shed.” So these small ones will have to do`


Andrew also shared that all the modified Bingos came from Melbourne and that he doesn’t remember any “computer

nor space” related games. Two clues we can hopefully build upon.


Thanks Andrew`


I missed this when I looked at the picture. Yes, two of the bingos are space-themes. I was kind of hoping that “Star Rockets”

would be the name of a baseball team, smile – But take a close look at the graphics on that backglass – Rockets`


…and although we cannot see the front of Satellite, we now know the likely theme there`


So now I am wondering if Atlas Computer is an advertisement, a special game he kicked out to help some business. Andrew

also mentioned that the Dedi’s Fun Machine here is different than the one he copied me on – So this guy did a lot of work`




Cool, I’ll keep looking`



…take a closer look at the top right image, it does say BASEBALL in that blue field`






…take a close look at the two Beach Times`


…there are a couple things here to note`





baseball 1.png

baseball 2.png

baseball 3.png


















…some sad news, Andrew let me know that Mike Busetti passed away a few years ago`


I will miss Michael, he really love the games`