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_ Andrew kindly writes in with a great photo of an old “baseball” playfield _


_ That “paint job” is clearly a Baseball Field _ Green Turf and Chalk Outline w/Hole #24 Home Base _


_ Notice the side-springs, mini-posts, and other missing playfield pieces! _



Andrew Mather


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Hi Guys


Melbourne Australia


I refer to these bingo machines as Baseball machines but didn't know why.

Your photos have jogged my memory and I do remember the bats on machines in Fitzroy around 1976.

I played more later in Carnegie in 1978 but no bats on them.


Recently I purchased a Hawaii bingo and that came with a very rundown Cypress Gardens. The playfield had been Baseballised although no bat remains.

The Cypress Gardens stamp can be seen where the bat was once mounted.

See attached photo.


Great site and good that people send in stuff like Mike did as it is interesting and informative.







Andrew wrote me a back a couple of months ago, to make sure that everyone knew this was actually the playfield of the Cyprus Garden he is restoring _ He was worried I was confused _ laugh _ Well, he was right…….



Andrew Mather

Apr 28


Hi Danny


Really enjoy your site.


Last year I sent a photo of my baseballised Cypress Gardens. You have it displayed as "Another Baseball Bingo"

Hopefully I didn't mislead you, I removed some playfield parts for cleaning, it wasn't done years ago.


The serial Nos are for the head C2518, the playfield and cabinet are both C3582.


I am now restoring the machine, a very big task.


I have a thread on Aussiepinball and a guys father was the man who converted many to Baseball games. See thread.


On the 3rd posting he shows a bit of a find. Bingos now seem rare over here.


Hope you get a chance to check them out.








_ Now check out the new links he provided below _ Awesome _ I will post  them in the entirety _


















 _ Cheers Brother - Very Cool _