Bingo Pinballs

Created on 04-13-2020



Now I don’t know much about these the Ohio Dime games, but I find this one very interesting`

…a chicken-and-the egg thing, which one came first – etc`


image (2).jpeg


Now what is the relationship between these two Bingos, this family of machines`


In the press images and ad campaign Fun Way is reference to as the “first” of the Ohio’s,


I wonder if this is an indication of just how far things Bally planned in advance?


image.jpeg image3.jpeg


image7.jpeg image8.jpeg






Now Keith sent these to me and I am sure it was for another reason, smile – I lost track`





Barrel o’ Fun


Fun Way’













image (2).jpeg






…one of the untold-stories – Bally`







…all of these images must be huge`