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~ The Ballyhole ~


The Ballyhole feature, which turned Hole 16 into a function, first appeared in 1955 on Broadway, which was the first of the Magic

Square games. These holes were clearly marked on the playfield with a titled black banner and appeared on every Magic Squares

game except for three: First 1956’s Double-Header because it was a unique bingo with two-in-one games, Second: 1976’s Bonanza,

which was the last of these games, following the others by nearly a decade, Third: Sun Valley and likely because it had a unique

Magic Line F. In Bally’s arsenal of bingos, no where else did this feature show-up, so your not alone in never seeing one.



~ The Beach Time & Daytona Beach Ballyhole is just cool ~


Daytona Beach “Ballyhole”



On Beach Time: “The Ballyhole (16), when Ballyhole panel is lit, automatically enables all

of the Magic Squares on the next game.”




~ Broadway’s Ballyhole was just basic in looks like most of them, but it’s function was unique ~


Washed out but rare Broadway “Ballyhole”

On Broadway: “Ball in Ballyhole (16), when Ballyhole panel is lit, lights 1st Extra Ball,

giving player extra ball without depositing coins.”




~ Some of the Ballyholes are just cool because of the artwork around them ~


Big Show “Ballyhole”


Keywest “Ballyhole”


Vic Camp’s “Nighclub”


On the rest of the Magic Square games the Ballyhole function varied like on Cypress Garden, where

when lit on the backglass would give the player Magic Squares A, B, C, D on their current game and

automatically enable Magic Line E when the next game started.











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