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Created on 01-30-2016



Naturally Mr. Coos Hakvoort, his work, and his contributions are present on my pages too`


After following Coos for 12+ years now, below is “only my second contact” ever with him _ Yet he is one of my “Bingo Heroes” _ Smile!


His webpage linked to below is one of “only six” pages I have as Bookmarks!


Yesterday, Coos was kind enough to share some Very Cool memories with us!


It was when I was around 13/14 years old, I visited a lot a gambling house ( Play-in) here in Amsterdam to play pinball machines  with my friends and they had also a lot of Bingo machine standing there. We didn't had the money to play Bingo's but the  machines were always occupied with 'real' gambling people who had only interest in the Bingo machines and the way they were playing  on the machines, for me it gave me the idea that they were something special.....  the only machines that were free to play and were affordable  were the sixcard machines like the Nashville. The real machines like the Miss America's were never free to play.... but it always kept in mind,  For me they were something magical. when I was 15 the bingo machines got prohibited in the Netherlands and You never saw them anymore, than I  saw one in a shop, a Miss America for sale and asked my mother if it was OK to buy the machine, she said that it was Ok but the machine must be working.  Happy went to the shop to buy the machine but it wasn't working and the guy didn't know how to fix it..... heavy disappointed I went home  but could never forget that moment.... Years later when I was married and bought our house, we had a spare room and the idea came back for  the machines. I went to a local operator and at that time the man was just closing his shop and was clearing his warehouse. He had around 45 machines there but only one Miss America Supreme. Bought the machine and a pinball for my wife.  Soon after I bought the machine I had a problem  with it and looked around for parts. At that time I noticed that all operators hated the bingo machines with all their problems so they didn't want  to sell or help me with parts. with help from my older brother we made the part needed and for Years the machine was playing it's game. At that time with no internet I thought I was the only freak that loves the bingo machines. Around 10  Years later (2005) , internet was there and saw a Bingo  machine offered on a kind of ebay and made an offer..... before I knew I was owner of my second machine, A Miss America '75.  the machine had a  problem so needed a schematic and than I met Frans Pilger by internet and because he lives near my place He invited to come over to borrow a schematic.  He was already busy a few Years restoring Bally Bingo machines and that's how it all started again for me..... he told me that some parts were always  needed and hard to find and because I'm a toolmaker with a workshop I said, No problem, we're going to make the parts we need.....  Started with buttons and plates the next challenge was making nice backglasses. It took us around 6 years trying and searching how... and now we can make  the best backglasses with the real mirror lines even better than original...  last challenge was making a new playfield and that was also done....  Now we can make what we want or need and we have only one challenge left.... recreating the base layer on a machines with the 'hairs' in it.  A lot of machines have a kind of 'two-tone' paint on them ( Bounty- blue with some white hairs/dots or Silver Sails with Yellow and blue hars/dots)  maybe you know how they did this or know somebody he can tell this..... this is the last piece of the puzzle for us.....


 long story and hope You didn't got bored ....


Best Regards,  Coos Hakvoort

_ Very Cool _







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