Created on 07-20-2020



I briefly mentioned this once before using a Euro Recel Flip as an example, but this photo really helps capture the numbers layout

Bally defined and stayed with for the design of their 6-Card Bingo Pinballs`




5, 1, 9, 25, 3 starting the 1st-Card      -and-      8, 23, 10, 13, 1 starting the 6th-Card



They must have been very sure of the math` ….confident in the percentages and payouts`


Bally started this Legacy with their very first Bingo in 1951 with Bright Lights`




Later they changed up the order of 4th -through- 6th cards, but the numbers locations were the same`


This was likely due to cards 4,5,6 costing-and-paying more later on` …they also had real actuary by then,






…for years the Belgium design teams would use this exact layout and in some cases still do`


…Clearly a known working Design…





Layouts on the 6-Card Bingos