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Created on 12-30-2015


 3-Card _ 7-Coin


  Quad Scoring, Corner Scoring, and a Sixth Ball for your extra coins!


That’s a $1.75 in 1974 _ Which was some Money!


OK, I’d play one anyway _ Double Score and Double-or-Nothing set the 3-in-Line hits to pay  8-to-16 coins!


Who can’t hit 3,7,10 _ 9,10,7 _ 6,11,5 _ with 6 balls, laugh!




OK, I am still going through files, but I keep saying “that I think most of these games were shipped out of America” – Well JF comments:


        Jean-Francois P <jeanfrancoisparizeau>

 Nov 27 at 8:43 AM


Hi Danny,


I see there is a recent flood of interest on your webpage for the Bally Bali. I think you a right, a lot of them were exported... to Canada.


Most of the ones I've seen now have a replacement backglass with alternate art and the name changed to "Super Wall Street". Apparently it's a replacement kit. There are still a few with the original backglass but they seem to have a bad flaking problem around here.


If you look in the Bali Game manual at page 1 it's identified as Game 1025 Wall Street Bingo but with Bali art.


It's by far the machine I've seen most often on the Quebec market. They were popular in bars, taverns and pool halls in the 70's.


It's the first bingo machine I've ever seen in person. The first bingo machine I fixed. Since then, I've fixed a few for other collectors. I now own 3 of them (all with the SWS alternate Backglass) plus a parts machine.


Here are the serial numbers:


BI 1856 Head and Body

BI 2944 Head

BI 3724 Head

BI 2714 Body

BI 1520 Head

BI 2598 Body.


It's a fun little machine to play. Simple and effective. The double or nothing feature is very compelling and the 7th coin 6th ball is a must.


Here are a few pictures of my SWS's and a closeup of a sticker that was mandatory on routed games in Quebec in the late 80's and early 90's.


Thank you for the kind words on your Canada page. Bingo collectors are few and far between around here.








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Thxs Jean _ Very Cool