Bingo Pinballs

This page was created on 10-10-2015


OK <> Over these last few months, I have started to suspect that most of the Bali Bingos were sent overseas!


…and that the few machines here in the States, were actually shipped back here!


I am going through my history on these (not an easy task, laugh) and so far, I am not too sure where there were exported to - "who knows where" _ laugh!


So, Stay Tuned!


AnyWoo _ Check out this photo below:




This just maybe a silk-screen  - a wet-dream - but man, that 6th-Ball feature Rocks-the-House!!


Now, if you do not know, that is an after-market modification.





I gotta wonder how that mod works, here are a few notes from me on the "regular game play"



Cards 1-and-3 paid the “highest score” only and Card 2 paid out on everything, with all cards set to the same odds of 4,12,100 for Regular Scores and 4,24,200 for Super Scores _ Toss in the Double-or-Nothing feature (coin play enabled) and you’re looking at a maximum payout of 400 on this quarter machine.


A Phat-100 Benjamin!


~ Just when I thought Bally was going to die a boring-death, they released this Lady and restored my faith in them! ~







~ Simple and Fun – My kind of Bingo ~







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OK <> I have got to get all of these Bali pages together and I have a ton more info "to support my theory"