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Created on 03-29-2020




Ronald was kind enough to reach out for a little advice, on the (25) Bali bingo pinballs his dad

has kept for years now in Columbia in storage`




Ronald Plata

March 6 at 2:38 PM

Hi Friends, I’m from Colombia (South America) I’m gonna sell these all machines for parts somebody is interested?

Thanks to Danny Leach in his webpage for the story of these Bali machines. unfortunately i have to sell the machines for two

reasons i need the space is home of my father, and also an economic urgency i need to paid some debts i have paypal and good reputation

in ebay. May you help me the fair price for selling these machine for parts (glass, playfield, steppers, motors, etc,) And gonna make a new

post with the prices + shipping if is necessary. Thanks in advance, i hope sell the parts of the machines soon with your help.




I gave him a little advice on selling price and options down in the Lower Americans and it sounds like he went with selling

them in a group and that they sold pretty quickly – Cool – I was worried that he might not be able to find a market for these

older games, so I hope one day we here a bit more about the bingos and their new home`


Well, if you have been following my website you know that the history of the Bali bingos is deep and that I always suspected

that many, if not all of these, got shipped out of America, so when Ronald reached out, I smile a bit`


ronald plata.jpg ronald plata.jpg1.jpg


ronald plata.jpg2.jpg


….well, how else do you store (25) bingo pinballs for 40-years, smile`


ronald plata.jpg4.jpg


ronald plata.jpg3.jpg


They definitely have some use on them and were likely in bars at some point, but Ronald’s

dad stored them well, in dry conditions, so with a little help these should be able to setup quickly


…the serial number on that crown says 3977




When Ronald reached out, he also tried to fire up one of these to get it working to support his sell`

He shared a little bit of that with us and (3) videos and it was Cool, Ronald knows the machines

and how to care for them, how to service them – The guys also had some good advice`


Ronald Plata

July 5, 2019

Hello. I need help with this Bali. I changed all fuse block. Lubricate the leather clutch washers. Clean the timer and selection disc.

Clean all leaf switches etc. But I don't get work at all when I add a credit the shutter open but when the ball enters the playfield doesn't

stay in the respective hole. Give me a hand thanks for reading.




Jay Siegel - Make sure that when the ball goes through the gate to enter the play field that the gate is opening the switch connection under the gate.


Dave Cross - Not stepping up the timer unit


Dave Cross - How about start the game, move timer on once manually to see if play field closes


Charlene Dobry - Ron....I sent this to a friend who collects pinballs....maybe he can offer some advice too.


Mike William Glauda - Timer unit isn't resetting all the way or set of switches on ball lifter motor


Jim Holder - Ronald rebuild the stepper . I use alcohol with green scrub pad . Then very lightly coat brass rivet contacts with electronic lube/jell. Clean contact con spiders with flat contact file . Also make sure is snaps back to start position . If it’s slow the add an extra wind from spring.




Cool, if you don’t recognize those names you should, smile`


The guys went on to tell him how the replay meters works, how many balls you need in the machine etc`


You know - Bingo Stuff`


ronald plata.jpg5.jpg





…as soon as I can figure out how, I will embed the videos here for you`










































…very Cool`