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Created on 02-06-2016



_ Australia _




Land-of-Oz - #1 - Zero-Out yr Magic Screen


Land-of-Oz - #3 - Red PF on a CQ??

Andrew Mather shares a great story from Australia

Land-of-Oz - #2 - Dedis Follow-up

Another Baseball Bingo

PArtwork 2 - Bingos Saved for Generations _ Very Cool

Australia _ New South Wales

Mike Busetti's Custom "mini" Bingo

Mr. Mike Busetti shares his Australian Collection

Mike Busetti's Custom "mini" Bingo - II

Australia - Bingo Pinballs

Bingo Pinballs in Australia - III

Bingo Pinballs in Australia - II

Pinball Law - Australia

Australia's "Baseball Game" Bingos

Bingo Pinballs in Australia




……A Wonderful Legacy……


…and to start, some great help from Andrew and Mike……


_ Two of my Bingo Heroes _











Go ahead, look at a globe of the Earth _ Just maybe our Farthest and Closest Neighbors , thanks to the Bingos!







Now this video only helps highlights what’s Happening south of us in the Land-of-Oz!



Some Very Rare Pins _ In the Hands of Some Very Cool Dudes!




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