Bingo Pinballs

Created on 04-16-2020



…ok, what do you see here, just a pile of Bingos right`


coinopwarehouse FB.jpg


…and not real exciting ones`


coinopwarehouse FB.jpg1.jpg


What is not so obvious is the mix of Bingos and the story that “must” sit behind them being together all in one place like this`


These Bingo range from 1971 -to- 1978 and are not only some of the last bingos Bally made, but are bingos that they tried

desperately to export offshore to places like South America, Europe, and Japan`


What you see here is one of too things: Either a group of Bingos that was warehoused to ship offshore, or a group of Bingos

that were offshore and finally got shipped back to America, which I have seen several times now`






My guess is the second scenario, since the CoinopWarehouse is just dumping the entire lot for $600`


Likely they received these with trailers of other coin-games finally coming home`

The market in America has been pretty strong and growing for the olde stuff`
































…Cool, another part of the American Story``