Bingo Pinballs

Created on 12-24-2012 _ Last update 01-25-2020


Roger was kind enough to point me to this photo is 2012 and it’s pretty Cool – Thanks Buddy`


The folks at Photoseeum don’t post any detail to tell you the source of the photos they are trying to sell, but

I think we can still use them to find the original story and sources – In fact, I have already traced a couple now`




Now those two guys are dressed like workmen, which kind of suggests that this is a photo of a delivery`That guys is looking down

and I guess they could be walking out, but I don’t think so – Some guy is holding the door open and watching – Hmmm,` That Bingo

is in near perfect shape, so this is likely 1955 before the real crackdowns on the games began. It had snowed recently. The sign in one

of those windows says “The New Corner Café” - The neon sign reads Carling`a beer sign, also suggesting circa 1955`


The situation doesn’t look or feel like a police raid  …ok`









So now, let’s start chasing the true origin of this photo`



















































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