Bingo Pinballs

Created 04-05-2014 _ Last update 01-25-2020



In December of 2012 a good number of antique pinball pictures like the one below started popping up “for sale” on ebay`

Roger was kind enough to point me to them. They were either posted with no description, or the merest of description like

the one with this photo below, that was labeled: “Bingo Pinballs with Digger Machines”


Well, laugh, not much information at all. Nothing on the true source of the picture, which is sad, it would be nice to know`


…apparently these are copyright, or Photoseeum sales a lot of antique photographs and doesn’t really know anything about them`



Well the Photoseeum folks are still out here on the Internet and they started posting this picture in 2014`




Well they were kind of correct: That is a Bingo Pinball in the far rear, then two Beauty Queens, and then the crane-games`


Now clearly this photo was staged, those men are clearly posing for this picture` which makes me think it was taken for

a newspaper or magazine article – Likely newspaper, they were much more common`- So there is a story here`




Of course I have been trying to trace this photo back to its real source, but I have had no luck`So if you recognize this

picture and know anything about it, please write to me – I would really appreciated it – Thank you`