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Created on 2-13-2012 _ Last Update 10-29-2016






Calypso - electro-mechanical Custom Bingo Machine


At the 2011 indoor Rock around the Jukebox Show, Henk de Jager had a booth. Not only did he have some pinball machines for sale, but he also presented his latest creation: a custom made electro-mechanical bingo machine.


I have know Henk now for many years already and knew a few years ago already he was working on a bingo machine. It's great news to see he finally completed this project, as he had started it about 10 years ago!


A view inside the backbox of this electro-mechanical bingo machine, showing its complexity. The schematics are double from those for a pinball machine.




Henk de Jager Calypso bingo










Steven pointed the way to this Lady


This is a Magic Squares gone wild, complete with a custom playfield and paint job _ Very Nice!!


Henk de Jager Calypso bingo



This is no “ordinary spin” Children!


This Turning Corners Bingo has (9) Magic Numbers


A.    B. C, D _ Bonuses


Extra Time Play


3-pays-4 _ 4-pays-5


No Tilt


A Secret _laugh _ It’s my guess that the Reflex has been reworked!

























_ Sweet _