Bingo Pinballs

Created on 01-12-2020



Now I like this little set I found here this weekend; especially that center picture, which is small but great`


Now that watermark “Subito” helps identify these photos for you, they are from a website named which is an on-line market in Italy`


Flipper carambola calcio balilla bingoFlipper carambola calcio balilla bingoFlipper carambola calcio balilla bingo

Console e Videogiochi


…and that center picture is really Cool`especially surrounded by those other two Bingo Pinballs`


Together they show us that there are a lot of Bingos in Italy and that they are not afraid to “alter and modify them”

like that center machine – that Sirmo Penalty – that was renamed Alfred`


I like it, some did a nice job, I assume they personalized it for someone they know – If so, Very Cool`









Take a close look at the center picture, there are at least (4) Bingos there`


























I have been following Subito for years now – A great hunting ground`