Bingo Pinballs

Created on 04-05-2014 _ Last update = 01-22-2020


~ In 2014 I wrote: I love discoveries like this, since the most often lead us to other Bingos! ~


…and I see I was correct when I asked: Does that say “Acapulco 2000”




…and my guess that this was likely one of the Splin family of Bingos was also correct, smile`





Nice, and that all finds us here in January of 2020 and finally a good look at this Bingo Pinball`


france ebay.jpg


It looks like our Acapulco 2000 has a One ball game and a really great “if 4 Stars Completed” bonus – Nice`and

confirms that this Bingo is one of Splin’s family of exports into France`


That bonus clearly has multiple facets to it – (2) Extra Balls, Random Card Selection, and a Progressive Bonus`


The lower Mystery Bonus is associated with the One Ball game`


…and then in the center of the backglass is a Super Bonus with a 200x payout if you nail 4-of-5 of those numbers identified`


Overall, a great looking Bingo Pinball with enough Special Features to keep played coming back for more`


france ebay.jpg1.jpg


france ebay.jpg3.jpg






…a five year wait for some additional hardware and well worth it`


I wonder if “our only seeing backglasses” so far has any significance, are any of these machines left out there – Hmmm`