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1951 United’s A-B-C Pinball


This game releases in March and is the first Bingo advertised and sold`


DSCN7271 DSCN7272


And what a neat game too, instead of the standard playfield full of holes, A-B-C has a Roulette Wheel`


Along with those two photos, our good friend Dan Fontes emails a description and some video`


“Hi Danny, how great to hear from you. Yes, on the ABC you put in three dimes to start a game and light the three bingo cards, pretty standard I suppose.  Many people just plunge the five balls and don't strategize at all, just let them fall where they fall. There isn't too much control a person has over the final hole. If you plunge the ball all the way back I suppose it travels 14-17 times around the bowl before coming to rest in the numbered holes. Yes, it's a five ball game. The game registers with lights in the backglass that you add up rather than the standard bingo replay meter.  So let's say you have 159 credits...the 100 light will be on, the 50 light and the 9 light-like how older early '50's pinball scores are kept. It doesn't have an extra ball feature-leastways I haven't seen one on it. That would have been cool. It wasn't really outfitted with lots of features I suppose those came later. It is however one of the most addictive games I've ever played and I've probably owned 500-600 pinballs over the years... (not all at once of course). I'd say the pinballs take about 15-20 seconds each to fall into their holes if you plunge carefully and slowly you can cut down that time to perhaps 5-10 seconds?  When you win it has a great bell that goes off in quick succession. Not like the standard chunka-chunka noise of a bingo. This is more like a quick "bink, bink, bink, bink, bink". For instance, say one, two, three, four, five as quickly as you can and you'll get a sense of the pace. And when it does hit the big 100 game payoff it counts at a *****  *****  *****  *****  ***** kind of rhythm.  There's a pleasing urgency to the sound that I'm sure would get the attention of the whole bar crowd.”


~ Very Cool - Smile ~


United offered nickel, dime, or quarter options right from the start`

Dan’s game is a dime machine,  a dime a card`


5 replays for 3-in-Line, 20 replays for 4-in-Line, 100 replays for 5-in-Line,

and only the highest score awards on each card.






ABC Cabinet Misc.jpg abc for sell 6.jpg ABC1 (2).jpg















Phil’s flyer is gorgeous, a much different matte than this one`


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Notice that the flyer states “180 Scoring Combinations”

There are thirty 3-in-Line, twenty 4-in-Line, and ten 5-in-Line possible combos for each card`




abc for sell detail


One of the amazing finds I will be listing in the upcoming weeks. This is a 1951 United A-B-C three card Bingo machine. This is one of the earliest Bingo machines, beating Bally by a couple of months. It has the rare WOOD side rails. SUPER RARE!!! This machine was restored/case painted in the 1970's by slot machine guru Bob Geddes !! It really is a beautiful machine. The ball is shot with the pop bumper into a roulette style drum and depanding on how many cards you are playing(1,2,or 3)180 scoring combinations. Top award is 200 plays.5 balls are played. This was a working machine before being stored in 1977.I plugged it in, and all the lights went on. I think this is a rare find, nd would look great in any collection!

This, as well as my other arcade games are sold 'AS IS' They are located in Downtown Los Angeles, and are available for inspection upon appointment.

I don't think you will be disappointed. Shipping is at the responsibility of the buyer.



abc for sell 5.jpg abc for sell 6.jpg


abc for sell.jpg


That is a good-looking Bingo`




I will post a separate page for this Patent with all of the pages`




This patent references (8) earlier ones, but this Roulette Wheel seems to have been designed for A-B-C



I wanted to include this one just because,


Someone added metal rails here to help prevent cheating and I also like how that solid color

helps highlight the backglass and really make sure it gets attention. If done correctly, done with

nice workmanship, both are a really nice way to clean-up one of these old cabinets`







Hmmm` no serial numbers listed so far`


A few years ago Dennis sent me the one of his Bingo _ 80447`


A bit odd, you have to wonder if that means it was game #447, likely`




Not A-B-C specific, but I love this 1952` snapshot, showing most all of the Bingos from those 1st two years on sale`












Dennis has some nice surprises posted out on the IPDB,


Please note, that that white-framed A-B-C on the IPDB is a photo from Raymond Watts`












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On several pages, I argue that this is not the first Bingo`