Bingo Pinballs

 Created on 10-05-2019



My Buddy, Larry Lemmerman has influenced many of my webpages`


…the Troll and I met years ago on-line as he was researching his newly acquired Sirmo Miss Americana Triple Bonus`


Soon Larry had one or two others and was wondering if he had something special – Well the answer was both yes-and-no`


Larry noticed that both configurations have “Triple Bonus” in the title and that both Phil and I only had one Triple Bonus

identified on our pages – Well turns out, Phil and I also had the “lower-case” Bingo posted, but neither one of us had

caught that the second machine was a Triple Bonus – Even Phil and I get schooled - Nice`


That was years ago and I have yet told Phil, laugh – Sorry Phil`


Well, although I have posted many emails and pictures of his for years – Larry has kind of flown-under-the-radar, if you

don’t follow the Belgium stuff I post, you may have missed his presence on this site – Larry has had some Green Diamond

Bingos and others over-the-years, has shared things, and is very well connected-up with the Belgium Boys`


Look around` Cool Stuff` custom control boxes – etc`


One of my Bingo Heroes`




“Well, Larry swore me to secrecy almost two years ago” on his plans to open up a Bingo Museum he started working on`


…but here are some details anyway, smile`


Great job Buddy – Thanks for inviting me down, I will try to get there soon`















…open for business`








Really Larry is just getting start, so


If you have anything you can send him – small or large – That would be great please`


Paper, Flyers – Anything`


I know he would really really appreciate it`


Larry also gets around, so if you are down that way he might even pick-up`





Museum is at 821 south Division st. Guthrie ok...73044












Larry is working on some other projects; including a working see-through Bingo – Sweet`


Larry is a very nice man` please feel free to ask for his email address if you would like to reach out to him`






























You Rock Brother`































Larry has got himself a nice dressed-out Harley and gets around`


He sent me this a few years ago and since I have called him the Highway Man`


Larry Lemmerman Gnome.jpg 


Larry’s Traveling-Gnome