Bingo Pinballs

Created on 10-26-2019


"Actually folks, the pinball machine that many talk about being gambling machines are the flipperless (bingo) games that are still around. You use to be able to play many of these games in local bars or clubs throughout western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, California and the NW US, basically everywhere. These games are gambling devices in the way they are operated to payout. If your not familiar with these games there are different styles but for the most part they are like playing bingo. Most machines have 25-holes, some have 28 and the rare ones have 10. You buy bingo cards that are on the backglass, most times it is .25 for 3 cards then you buy into additional cards or winning features. You get 5 balls to play, the object of the game is to shoot the balls into the pay field and guide them to the number that you need. The object is to match your numbers in a line, 3-4 or 5 In-a-Line wins you points (or in bingo pinball language TICS). Some places will pay 10 cents a tic while others can pay 25 cents a tic, but you have to have over 100 tics to cash in. Some machines are set up to pay out different amounts of tics based on what cards you are playing. Example, there is a game called Shoot-A-Line it is a 28 hole game. You pay 25 cents and get the first 3 cards, if you get 3 in a line on card 1 you win 4 tics, but say you get 5 in a line on card 3 you win 85 tics. With these tics you can then buy cards 4-5 and 6. Of course the odds go up with these cards but so does the payoffs. I have won my share of money on these games but also lost some cash also……"

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