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OK`one more from Volley and the fellows`

These guys will talk about them from the ground-up if appropriate – Here are some snippets from their thread on Bally Hawaii`


Here they’re talking about the internals: Looks like someone used this Bingo as a parts machines and they are going to have to scramble a bit`


Later down in the thread they get around to talking about the meters`



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Posted December 17, 2005


Interesting, what was there all together. I think that the total number of games depends on the number of balls per game. With my em pins from Luxembourg, where (as well as in Belgium) was always paddled with 5 balls per game, a total number of over 70000 is quite a lot - with games I had from Germany or France (ie 3 balls per game) quite little - relevant in and of itself would be the number of balls played.


I do not think the counter was rounded, but it should also be deduced from the overall state of the relays. Do you know with which coin (s) was played - I tap 5 BEF (silver pieces), maybe 10 BEF where I can not remember when they came out. I got curious about the game by now - luckily the bingo weighs even more than e-m pins, that does not make my back any more otherwise I do not leave my fingers away from Bingos: D



I like this observation from Rolf – What others games is he used to?


Posted December 17, 2005

I summarize

Coin plays: 39887 (points by coin)

Key plays: 49224 (points per host key)

Total Replays 13450 (Points of Winning)

Total Plays: 74181 (as the name implies)

everything does not fit, which suggests that the box is at least once around. Without now having the plan in my nose I would normally say Totel Plays = Sum of the other 3 counters. In any case, the ratio "Coin" to "Key" is interesting, in other words: it was probably used as a "beer winning machine". And I would almost bet that the reflex unit (= "chance of winning") is at the negative end ;-)





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