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Well interesting enough, at the time of this writing Phil is still missing Score Cards for many of these

early United Bingos – So I wanted to add this image and talk a little bit about these –For additional detail,

please see my Addendum Page for images of the cards – The large photos on my Main Page can also help`


07 United Circus RH.JPGa.jpg


Now the advertised payouts of 4, 20, and 100 may seem a little low, but they are a bit deceiving too. Due to the

unique features of Double and Triple Scoring and where all three cards payout – Sweet`


Here is looks like he scored on each card, but that 3-in-Line on the 1st Card in ineligible, check out the Payout Lines`


It still makes the backglass look very Cool, smile`


Here the center feature bulbs are out and need repaired, but on the game above, two of them were actually lit:


All Scores Doubled

Spots Nos. 14-19-23


Which leave us with the 2nd Card and 3rd Card both winning. The machine spotted the 14 and hence the payout:





(4x2) + (20x) = 72


Just short of $4 dollars, which in 1952 was dinner, a couple drinks, and a few more plays`





Nice game on a pretty Bingo`








Notice Anything`














The images Jeffery used in his book “The Bingo Pinball Wars” were both from Russ Jensen`


Pretty Cool`




Courtesy of the IPDB via Raymond Watts archives`













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