Bingo PInballs

Created on 09-30-2015 _ Last update 11-23-2016



OK <> This is a 1952 United Bingo pinball and definitely my Era _ I love this machine!

_ Great graphics, nice hues, and it just looks Cool _

OK <> No Advancing Odds, but she does a few things that no other bingo did, which Rocks,

"Spot em" _ Which spots up to 1-to-6 numbers on each card!

"Doubles All Cards When Lit" for all cards or the game would also Double-up any given card!

…and go look at my Page that shows that this Baby has slopping-side-rails allowing the player to really nudge the ball, which gave the Uniteds the best ball-play of all the Bingos _ Wonderful action and plenty of opportunity for the ultimate Skill Shots and player-interaction _ When you played these games, you were definitely part of the machine!

This is when the Uniteds Engineering really shined and had a edge on the Bally games!



_ Well, if these old tired photos of mine are the best we got, we definitely need your help, laugh! _

If you have one of these, please send the IPDB some pictures _ Thank you!!




















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