Created on 07-22-2021



These pages mostly cover the Bingos from Belgium`


We are starting to see a good number of the older games here in the States now, so I wanted to share what I can`


Not all of the games have manuals, schematics, keypads, control boxes, electronic keys - etc

That are all needed to fix the many Error Codes problems that these machines have`



If you get in trouble on one of the America Bingos, you have a great chance of fixing things`

These games from overseas are not so friendly`…Some problems are impossible to fix`


When you buy one be careful: Make sure it works, do not take it apart, and get as many items

as you can from the seller: Documents and Service Items`


Be very very careful if you buy one of these old games, careful not to open in up needlessly. Simple things like do not remove the backglass to clean it and

do not separate the top and lower cabinets and/or pop the handrail. These machines have a bunch of protections built into them “lockouts” that will fault the computer chips if you do`


My goal behind these links is to`


Identify as many boards sets as we can

Identify as many chip sets as we can

Identify as many Control Boxes as we can

Identify as many Keypads as we can


Get some information on the Electronic Keys


Identify folks that can help technically`

Identify where you can find Documents and Service Items


Identify forums that have Resources


All with the goal of finding “like” solutions`…Bingos with the same internals


So hopefully, we can find information and equipment for all of the games`


So please help by sharing as much detail about the Games, Documents, and Equipment


As you can please – Thank you







It’s my guess, that if we can fix a few of these machines, we can repair them all`