My Big Time had a lot of miles on her from the very start – LOL!



 Bingo Pinballs



One day I mentioned to Phil,


That on “power on” the ball automatically lifted on my Big Time and that it didn't wait until the coin sw was triggered before doing so.


hi danny,


depends on whether you completed the previous game.  if the shutter is closed and you shot five or more balls, then the game should not raise a ball at power on.  if it does, you'll need to check trough switch #8 and the timer disc (make sure the timer disc is fully reset).


One thing I am also unsure of is if you should be able to add coins and increase odds after the initial coin loading and then having shot a couple of balls. I am a little confused if this is suppose to be allowed. I think so the the Big Time doesn't allow this. After you have shot a ball, tripping the coin sw throws the game into reset, opens the shutter, and whamo - say la vee


right, and cycling of the machine after shooting the first ball results in a reset until you get to extra ball mode.


the games that allow increasing the odds after shooting the first ball normally have it as a light-up feature called "stop-n-shop score booster"....cypress gardens had this feature.





The advice was good, so I kept emailing………smile………


Today I replaced ther coin sw in the Big Time and it fired right up as expected and now it's all back together. The only thing left to do here it looks like is to replace a few of the non-working lights behind the backglass and get the up/down lifter sws working. Out of the 5 sws - one won't move any numbers on it's row, 3 of them will move the numbers 2 positions only verses 3 positons \, and one sw will only move the numbers one position. I open the coin door and looked at these mechanisims and they look pretty crude, so hopefully it's just dirt related problems effecting the electrical contacts.


hi danny,


people seemed to like to spill drinks on the buttons, so cleaning the contact plates and sometimes disassembly of the entire wiper unit to clean/derust is common.  I've gone through four big times...they were all cruddy.  I probably repainted the metal mounting plates on three of them.


you'll also want to clean the plugs connecting the switches to the cabinet.


when the game is reset and the magic lines feature isn't lit, the rows should home in the center position.  I kinda recall that they do that even if the magic lines are lit, and when the first ball is shot, they then will adjust to the position of the knobs.  if that's not happening, something

else is not getting reset properly.


The Hi-Fi is still pretty much odd, only has 5 balls but still plays, always tries to lift 2 balls, the shutter won't close, and the metal on the front end near the coin door is trashed.


you'll probably need to pull off the ball trough and clean/adjust the switches.  it's just a wood screw on one end, and a metal screw near the lifter.  the metal screw can be tricky.  often is easiest to just use some needlenose to pull out one leg of the trough switch rollover wire that is blocking the screw head (the leg nearest the can't pull the other one out!).  then you can shift the wire enough to get to the screw easily.  then just flip the entire trough over.


actually, before doing that, check the timer unit and make sure it's resetting all the way.  may have crud on the contact plate keeping the wipers from rotating all the way home.  this will effect the shutter as well.


it tries to raise two balls every time the ball lift motor turns on?






~ Check out the turn-screws in the center of left pic - A bit hard to see, but Phil was correct these were Abused –



There was gunk-and-crap down in the holes and everything was mired in sticky-gooey filth. I cleaned the turn-screws

and hosed out the holes and switches mounted in the cabinet and everything starting working. The movement of the

lines in the bingo card was completely functional, other then being a bit sluggish at times, which I fixed by lubing the

mechanics of the main card with a very-light coating of 3-in-One oil. – Then I was good to go!


~ Since then I’ve learned that surface dirt and corrosion cause quite a few errors on these bingos ~


~ That and intermittent mechanical connections in areas like the “Jones Plugs and fuse banks ~


~ Don’t just assume your dead bingo has a major problem! ~



~ The dead Surf Club I just bought I cured by correcting the wrong number and size of balls in it ~