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Well, not bingo-specific, but Michael is an expert on Antique Coin-op Games – Check his website out some day – He has a really cool little video of a Magic Screen operating.

From: Lynne and Michael Sands
Subject: TECH: cleaning cloth insulation in very old games
Date: 1999/04/19

Question - I am looking for suggestions on how to clean the dirt and oil off the cloth insulation in very old pinball machines. I am compulsive when it comes to cleaning machines like to clean the insides as well as the visible parts.

From: Bob E.

Answer - This is not exactly the same, but I have had good luck with cleaning cloth-covered wiring harnesses from some of my English cars and my jukebox in the following manner. Note, this is for harnesses that are OUT of the machine, and I can't imagine anyone wanting to take one out of a bingo -- *shudder* -- but maybe you can adapt this...

Anyway, this has worked for me on the type of wiring that is several or many vinyl-insulated wires inside a braided or woven cloth covering. I just fill a large dishpan with warm soapy water (dishwashing liquid is fine) and lay the harness in it. Gently squeeze up and down the length of the bundle, maybe changing the water/soap mixture if it gets particularly greasy or dirty. You don't want to scrub and abrade the cloth, especially if it is old, but squeezing seems to do no harm. When dirt and oil/grease are removed, change to clear water for rinsing in the same manner, then set out in the sun to dry.