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Although dated 1946, I wanted to get this out here to start this History`


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1946-1959: Dispatches from Syracuse's 'War on Pinball'


Smashed. On the afternoon of May 13, 1946, just two weeks after Judge Walsh’s comments, a crime prevention bureau man arrived at Halloran's Cigar Shop to confiscate two illegal pinball machines. James Halloran had been arrested earlier that day for allowing juveniles to play the machines. When the police returned to confiscate them, Halloran’s brother, John, was waiting.


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While the officer was outside placing a machine inside a police wagon, John grabbed a hammer and smashed the glass of the machine and seized the written instructions on it that explained how rewards were won.


Then he ran out of the shop, hopped into the police wagon and proceeded to smash that one as well.


Meanwhile, Patrolman John Fogarty, tried to keep back a “crowd of curious youngsters” who had arrived on the scene as school had just let out.


John Halloran was arrested for disorderly conduct.


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That is one of the One Ball Horse Race games, being hauled away`

A “predecessor” to the Bingos and a preview of the controversy that will later explode`