Well going open-source seems to be the next logical step for these technologies`


Sharing all of the code and giving the world a chance to help improve, enhance, and add to your suite of games’


I hope the guys all embrace this idea, because historically it also increases the number of users,


…and it goes hand-in-hand with Bingo Tradition,


 One of the greatest gifts of the Bingos was Innovation`


 Each generation of machines different; new, changing and evolving – Keeping the Players interested and involved with the games`





_ Nick’s Multigame` _


Nick hints at open-source and shares some clues`




Very Nice,


Nick on Pinside`


Hey everyone, I'm the podcast host that has discussed every single Bally bingo ever produced (and some not!).

As announced in episode 365 of For Amusement Only, I am now in the process of writing a multi-bingo emulator to recreate every

Bally and United bingo (with some surprises in store)!


Basic tenets:

Multiple footrail/button/dial controls
Real bingo cab, with real Bally hardware for ball lifter/trough/shutter, etc.
Custom made head (or repurposed bingo head) with LCD monitor sideways, rendering at 1280x720.

Swappable playfields
25 hole with magic pockets
25 hole with hold feature
20 hole with ball return feature

... Perhaps others.


Jones Plugs for primary connectivity - preferably unmodified from exisiting bingo connectors on the male side, female side will have diodes, etc

for switch matrix switches.

P3-ROC with driver board (to drive motors and coils), SW-16x3-4 and an Intel NUC to drive it all.

pyprocgame to drive the P3-ROC and pygame to drive graphics/sound.

Open Source for the actual code. Graphics to be released for all only if approved. My illumination layers can be released.


All circuits properly emulated. This includes the search and reflex circuits, as well as mixers for portioning, etc. As such, this will largely be educational for me.

I started with pyprocgameHD as I've never written anything using pygame directly, but found it a bit too limiting based on what I was trying to accomplish. I've stepped back and worked directly with pyprocgame.


If anyone has any questions, feel free to post! I'm making this thread to separate 'programming' talk from the podcast thread.

Note that I'm not really a programmer, but I've been programming since I was very young. I have the majority of the first game complete.

I'm excited to see this project move forward!



I certainly hope we see him post the code one day`









Universal Bingo Machine - Nick's – 01-01-2018


























_ stay tuned _






















































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