Well going open-source seems to be the next logical step for these technologies`Sharing all of the code and giving

the world a chance to help improve, enhance, and add to your suite of games’ I hope the guys all embrace this idea,

because historically it also increases the number of users,


…and it goes hand-in-hand with Bingo Tradition, one of the greatest gifts of the Bingos was Innovation`


 Each generation of machines different; new, changing and evolving – Keeping the Players interested and involved with the games`






_ A couple of years ago James debutes his work out on Bally Bingos in Britain and Wow _





One of the earliest development photos James released out, on Bally Bingos in Britian TapTalk, which really

helps show how the real intent of these Bingos was to expand the capabity, turning it into a full-functioning Bingo

you can play by adding a monitor and playfield to your computer`


Just Excellent!


Now James has completely embraced this idea of sharing the Code`


…and others are already starting to create new (and I mean new) Bingos`






http://bingo.joopriem.nl/images/Screenshot_UnitedManhattan_BG.jpg  havanajoop.jpg  riojoop.jpg  unitedbraziljoop.jpg





Image 61.png


Another development photo showing the idea of a true machine slowly progressing`





Image 7.png







Word is getting around, those two images are Bounty playing on a Samsung laptop – Shared on Instagram`

















Universal Bingo Machine - James’s – 01-01-2018

Universal Bingo Machines - James`s - II – 01-03-2018

Universal Bingo Machines - James’s - III – 01-13-2018

The Penny Machines Forum – 01-13-2018








































Stay Tuned`

































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