Bingo Pinballs

Created on 11-06-2016 – Last update 06-01-2020



Truly special, sharing the games, the code – Everything`


…a gift to us all, from playing on your smart-watch on up to any style of machine you want to design`


On his site based out of The Netherlands ~ Joop shares his simulations and opens all doors leading to the future`





For a lack of better words I will call them the Tables and you start by picking one or designing your own`






…and what you do from there is wide-open, what hardware and resources do you have on-hand..?




…one such Possibility`


A few years ago James debutes his work out on Bally Bingos in Britain and Wow`

Using what materials he has laying around, he starts designing his own full-size programmable Bingo`





One of the earliest developments using Joop’s technology shared out on Bingos in Britian TapaTalk

to help give you some ideas just how powerful these base-engines are – Nice`


Image 61.png


Image 7.png


…need a little nudge, well here it is to help spark your Creativity`





Joop started building upon work from others too, then started taking it all the way`

Building on his passion, using his design skills to further honor the games of the the past`  havanajoop.jpg  riojoop.jpg  unitedbraziljoop.jpg


…and offering and sharing a new Legacy`






The detail are realism are Stunning`


Bally’s 1963 Red-Letter game is just one example …just Excellent`






…one such Possibility`




Courtesy of Mr. Flup Pierloz





…one such Possibility`




Courtesy Mr. Joop Riem


Naturally folks are sending Joop images of their designs untilizing the technology – Nice`





…Hey Joop, look what I have done`








…Hey Joop, look what I have done`








…Hey Joop, look what I have done`








…Hey Joop, look what I have done`











Truly Limitless …thank you Mr. Riem`






Simply Excllent Work`


























Universal Bingo Machine - James’s – 01-01-2018

Universal Bingo Machines - James`s - II – 01-03-2018

Universal Bingo Machines - James’s - III – 01-13-2018

The Penny Machines Forum – 01-13-2018






































…open your front door, the future is knocking`